The Fastest Wide, Tubeless 27.5" Tire Has Been Discontinued. Alternatives?


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Schwalbe's G-One Speed in 27.5", 60 mm (11600973), that is. Does anyone have good, light alternatives? This one was ~500g, everything else Schwalbe offers is heavier and more frictive.

My ideal bike would have these in 26", but Schwalbe never made that. I'm surprised Schwalbe discontinued these when 27.5s are increasingly popular on urban bikes. Maybe they'll come back?



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Is this it?

Looks like ChainReaction still have them in stock.

I'd stash them up before they're gone.

Yeah, I'm just wondering if there's any alternatives.

The next fastest tire is Continental's Speed King at 55mm (2.15" vs 2.35" for Schwalbe), according to


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That's double the weight.


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I can understand the rationale of running a road tire for road riding as I've made that decision for myself. All my riding is on pavement or gravel. I alternate between Vee Rubber Speedster tires and the Kenda Juggernaut tires that came on the bike. Worrying about shaving grams of tire weight when you are riding a powered bike weighing between 50-70 pounds seems to be missing the forest for the trees to me.

I pick my tires for use and function. I run my knobbies when I want low tire pressures (due to thick sidewalls) and I run my road tires when I want lower rolling resistance and a quiet ride (higher pressures and smoother tread pattern).