The lightest e-bikes (not folding) -- can't decide which one is the best


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I have been a bike commuter for almost 7 years. I enjoy each 5-mile ride (one way) but admittedly there are days that I leave my office totally exhausted or sick or days that I don’t want to break a sweat in that hilly ride (ok, it’s not that hilly but…) Anyway, I’ve been looking for a lightweight e-bike that can help me throughout those “lazy” days. It has to be light because my building doesn’t have an elevator and I don’t want bikes (folding) that use 16” wheels or less. So far, these are the best options (weight-wise), but I haven’t seen them in person so it's tough to choose.

Do you guys recommend the B2CH (zeeclo) or the EB12 (swagtron)? Or do you know other lightweight options that may fit my needs?

Thanks a lot!



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Aventon Pace 500 is less than 50lbs., sans battery. It also has a walk mode to help getting up the stairs. A great bike.


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The new Ride1up roadster v2 (?) (I think it is called). $999 and weighs 32 lbs. PAS, goes up to 24 mph or so. No throttle I don't think. The Core5 is heavier.


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Also Propella?

The Swagtron doesn't give much details on the bike... what kind of motor/etc.