The mobile app made by Hyena does not work correctly with the Trek Electra Townie Go! 7D Step-Over


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I am new to Electric Bicycles and love my new Townie Go! 7D Model 5262211. I was excited to find and get the Hyena app for it, and the power adjustment feature is great. The only problem is both the Trek store and the company don't seem to have worked out the bugs in it or the relationship between Trek and Hyena to address the main problem with the app, which is the "Route" tracking. Trek pointed to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer does not offer non-vendor support. This is a major flaw in Treck customer service. I welcome anyone's help in getting this resolved because it will have a higher value to the Bicycle and its customers. I made a video explaining what I see as the breakdown in both communications between the companies and why it should be addressed.
. Also attached are several screenshots. AGAIN love the bicycle and the power setting on the app. Thanks for all your contributions!
Martin Brossman


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Update, I have heard back from Hyena in China


Sep 2, 2022, 4:34 AM (1 day ago)
to, ChrisKo, Maggie
Hello Martin,

Thanks for emailing us.
Our software engineer has seen the video you provided and is currently investigating the issue. Apologize for the inconvenience it might cause and we’ll keep you updated.
Appreciate your understanding.

p.s. We love the level of details your video is, that help a lot J

Appreciate your understanding.

Another video: