The new Vibe 3


My wife just got the new 2016 IZIP Vibe from our local shop, Richardson Bike Mart. First day out, Sunday, we went 30 miles. She used to ride regular bikes with me but hasn't in a while. This purchase was my attempt to get us riding together again. I have a 2014 Dash.

I wish she had some of the options I have but she seems to be quite content without a throttle or ability to go past 20 MPH. She said she likes having just pedal assist so she doesn't accidentally accelerate and she has no desire to go faster than about 15 mph. When we got home she still had plenty of battery.

She has some painful foot issues and the bike helped to offset those issues for a long ride. She is also only 4'11" and so we ordered the extra small. Fits good. The bike is cute, a charmer. She wishes it was quieter. Otherwise I think we will be back on the road this Saturday.


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She has some painful foot issues

I fell off a roof 5 years ago and severely damaged my left foot. I couldn't walk any distance on it for almost two years. The re-hab......riding my bikes. Took about three years to finally work out the problems and strengthen the foot to "almost as good as new". Apparently the motion of flexing the foot and ankle while riding is extremely beneficial and was responsible for bringing back the use of the foot.

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