The Omni Wheel


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Court This omni wheel design looks very interesting!
What is the lowdown on the Omni Wheel by Evelo? (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)


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It would be great if some "regular" person buys one of these all in one electric bike wheels and tells us the story.

George S.

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Pete at Electric Bike Report has been giving these wheels some attention. The Flykly weighs a lot less than the Omni, but neither has much of a battery. You could compare either to a value bike, something like the basic Prodecos, or the EG series, for a similar price. Crazy Len carries some basic bikes.

These wheels were supposed to be cheap. They started out that way. Evelo may be using their wheel as a teaser to get you to look at their bikes. If you hang around their site for a minute or two, a $200 coupon pops up. The fact is you can get a good hub motor on a wheel, with a battery, controller, and accessories, for less. It's not that hard to build a real bike. This is a fairly premium conversion:

A front wheel conversion with a bottle battery is simpler.

JoePah is right, no one has much real world experience with any of them.