The only true technical information on Turbo Vado 5.0, the EU L1e-B class e-bike (U.S. Class 3)

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As most of you are aware of, Specialized constantly change the Turbo e-bikes specifications, and that depends on the geographical sales area, the specific make and model, model year, etc. The information given on the Specialized website may reflect the specification of the given model and the model version. More deep information as the bike rated weight or maximum load are never specified.

However, there is one situation in which the brand has to give precise technical data sheet to be legally correct. It is the S-Pedelec (45 km/h or 28 mph) model version delivered to the European Union, known as Class 3 in the United States or L1e-B Euro class. The Certificate of Conformity must be issued for each individual S-Pedelec to be sold in Europe (it pertains to all brands, is it Specialized, Haibike or Bulls). Giant does not sell their Speed Bikes in Europe and Trek's Allant+ 9.9S can be bought if you really try.

There is some interesting information about Vado 5.0 WMN that was produced in Taiwan in 2017 (your e-bike might be different but the information could also be pretty close).


  • Main dimensions
  • Bike mass without the battery (I weighed the battery and it is a little above 3 kg)
  • Confirmed the fact Brose is the motor manufacturer
  • Nominal power of 250 W is to be maintained during 30 minutes of the ride
  • The "x times You!" here is 3.2, or the maximum assistance is the 320% of the rider's input
  • The motor gives the full pedal-assistance to up to 43 km/h (26.7 mph), and the motor cut-off speed is 45 km/h (28 mph)

  • The nominal inflation pressure in the Electrak 2.0 Armadillo tyres should be 3.4 bar (49 psi)
  • The bike is "green", no emission or noise
  • The energy consumption is 13 Wh/h, or Specialized guarantee a 46.6 km (29 mi) on the 604 Wh battery.
The Certificate was issued in Taiwan and is signed by a Taiwanese.

Perhaps it is of interest to someone.


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Interesting to see the word 'nominal' creeping into the bicycle vocabulary anymore. We have nominal power, now we have nominal tire pressure.

As in 'I'm sorry officer, I nominally ran over this guy when I wasn't looking where I was going'. And so much more.