The problem with ebikes


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With ebikes, you can make the trip as easy or as difficult as you like.

I did a 60 mile event today on my carbon road bike and honestly I don't feel tired at all. Even did another 10 miles just to explore. The only hard parts were the hills, the flats were easy.

Two days ago, I did 107 mile ride on my ebike and to get the range I needed, the entire trip was in eco mode. It took 1.5 days for my legs to recover from that ride. Pushing a heavy ebike can really take a toll on you.

Both trips, I was averaging the same speed.

There are some trips I will only do an ebike. Next week I have a 66 mile ride with 6200+ elevation. The road bike is staying home for that one.


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This should be labeled "the problem with heavy e'bikes" as my 33lb Turbo Vado SL non EQ is easier to pedal with no assist than my similar weight non e'bike.

I get a better workout on the e'bike at age 66 as I now tackle hills, which still take effort but I can crest them near my house, something I could not do on my regular bike.