The Problem with Indiegogo Is that It Is Based on Flawed Ideas

George S.

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If you look at the Facebook page for Agency 2.0, you find it is nothing but a cheering squad for Indiegogo. That's fine. People have business relationships. But you also find out why Indiegogo is not the ideal place to give money, it's a great place to GET money.

There's a video on this page called the Ten Myths of Crowdfunding, something like that. I transcribed two of the myths:

"Myth # 9 I Should Wait Until I Have The Perfect Project

Why wait? Indiegogo can help perfect your idea, and allows anyone to raise funds at any point in the project. The beauty of crowdfunding is that it’s a conversation. It allows you to interact with your fans and your audience and to get feedback about your project. So if it’s not fully ready at the start, that’s OK. You can actually take that feedback and craft a better product, a better project or a better version of what you started out with. In the end you’ll have a product that was shaped by your fans, for your fans and they’ll thank you for it.

Myth # 10 I’m Not Sure My Idea Will Be Accepted

This one’s easy. Indiegogo doesn’t have an application process. You can get started at any time. So what are you waiting for? Seriously, what are you waiting for?"

Really. The people putting $700 on the credit card are not buyers, they are fans? It's not a project or a product, it's a conversation? There's no plan, just an interaction? And if you change your mind, decide you don't like the plan? You're just kind of out of luck? Maybe you should not say what it costs until, like, you've HAD the conversation. Tell me how you manufacture 4,000 bikes at the end of this. Tell me how many people who bought the bike thought the thing was done, ready to go, not a New Age exercise.

Anyone buy this?

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Please check out this Reddit post I made and consider adding to the conversation and upvoting so more people can become aware of the questions and risks of Storm and Indiegogo: I'm slammed today with media and am doing another budget fat e-bike review to highlight real-world performance for those who truly do want one of these bikes and aren't sure whether to take a risk with Storm or consider other options.