"The Stromer ST2 electric bike..., it should not be street legal"


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funny article, the guy rode his first ebike - we all know that thrill - and now he's deemed it the best on the road with his extensive comparison history of one.


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I'll have the bike instead, thank you. All things considered, it's actually quite cheap. :D
And in opposite to all these supercool IPhone people waiting in the McDonald's queue: With the ST2, you're the man!


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The Gold Apple watch costs 19k. so in comparison ... yeah the ST2 is cheap.
I think that is why that watch exists, to create a irrationally dramatic price dynamic. Oh, I can buy the $400 dollar version of a $19,000 watch that is functional equivalent, what a deal. That and for the 2.4 million or so nouveau riche in China.


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Hahah, I've seen that one. It's not even his and he messed up the back a little. But yeah that's what I would end up doing if I "wanted a 19k watch"