the switch to winter tires


Swapped out tires last night for some winter tires. I perhaps could have waited a bit longer as we don't have consistent overnight freezing yet --maybe next week -- but I had to break these in anyway (20-25 mi of easy riding on pavement to bed the studs). These are schwalbe marathon winter 700x40 shown next to the Dash's stock 700x45 CST's. The schwalbe's are around 935g ( a bit lighter than advertised), and my two CSTs were different but the heavier rear was 910g.

Rolling resistance isn't bad: when inflated their max pressure, they ride primarily on the center tread strip. Later for max traction you can lower the pressure as needed (min 30PSI, max 70PSI). I didn't push it speed wise yet, but I am estimating these will take 2, maybe 3mph off my speed (about what I would expect for any knobby compared to a road tread) These are quieter than other studded tires I've had in the past, but they still sound like a bowl of rice krispies.



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We had snow this morning and I wasn't ready. Had to drive the car. I will be switching to winter tires tonight. I haven't heard of 'bedding' the studs. :) Good news I will feel better about switching tonight.


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Very nice!

Has anyone done (or found) a "wind chill" factor for riding a bike when it's x degrees out and one is riding yy mph?

Although on the other end of the scale, riding in 95 degree heat with 80% humidity doesn't feel very cool at all on a regular bike when you're huffing 'n puffing up a friggin hill. ;)

ETA: Yes Google is my friend. I know this is just an estimate and does not take into account all the necessary factors but here's one resource:
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