The Technological Effects of eMTB on the MTB World


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I've read numerous accounts of pro mtb riders switching out various MTB components for eMTB designed components. This due to performance; performance that outweighs the weight gain.

Brakes, driveline, suspension are what riders have wanted for a long time. Until there was a big enough market, brought by ebikes, manufacturers were unwilling to take a gamble for the MTB market that assessed parts for weight in grams over performance. With eMTB parts sitting on the shelf, riders took the gamble and won!

For Pinkbike to post an opinion like this, is a big deal. They typically are not supportive of eMTB. Reading enthusiasts comments on Pinkbike, they hate that they like 'our' parts. But they do like them! The thin end of the wedge? Pro riders riding both MTB and eMTB have a lot of influence with manufacturers and enthusiasts. This influence could have positive results with both component manufacturers and access to MTB parks and trails. Acceptance and access is important for the health of the ebike industry in North America.

I'm not suggesting this is a sea change, but it's a start. The trickle-down effect of ebike technology is alive and well.


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I'm surprised I missed that posting back in November! Some of the comments at the end are hysterical.