The Top Electric Bikes for 2014


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Technology and the ebike market seem to be merging in the same direction. Sales are up and Ed Benjamin gave a watershed statement, to the effect that sales indicate a maturing industry to stay and grow.

Bike_On's awards for the last year for newer offerings:
  1. Best Cargo ebike: NTS Work Pickup cycle
  2. Sportiest Ebike: Specialized Turbo
  3. Best all-around, value, design, and performance Ebikes: BH Easy Motion NEO line
  4. Best mid-drive system(under 500W) Impulse 2 system
  5. Best ddhub system, 500W or less : Xion, or Falco Emotors (my bias) and Best geared hub: Panasonic
  6. Best Console: Focus
  7. Best Integration: Smart Bike
  8. Coolest Cruiser/around town: IZIP Zuma
  9. Best Full Suspension Mtn: Haibike/Bosch mid drive
  10. Best Brand for Commuters: Kalkhoff
  11. Best Starter Brands: Currie/Izip and Eflow
  12. Most Likely to succeed: Bionx, their OEM Spin offs and 48V systems.
  13. Best overall quality/price value: Focus bikes
  14. Best ebike reviewer: Court! (Can't end with 13!)


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Awesome idea and great list @Bike_On I've renamed the thread and think this could become an annual thing... You and I have been chatting about different bikes and how to rank them for a while, I respect your opinion! To keep it organized I went into bullets... sorry everyone, I'm kind of OCD about organization here :rolleyes: with that said... here are a few of my own:


That eFlow reminds me of this:



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Best Folding Electric Bike for Transport on International Passenger Flights:
So far only the NYCeWheels electrified Brompton for International Air Travel fits into this category. Does it have any competition? That would be a win by default.