The ultimate pedal and shoes discussion

Carl H

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My E-bike still has the flat pedals that came with it, as it's new to me and I haven't had the chance to ride it as much as I'd like. Previous bike has dual sided SPD cleats/flat side. My road bike has Speedplay pedals (which are by far my favorite clipless pedals). As the weather gets better here and I start riding more, I'll evaluate whether I'll stay with flats or go clipless.

Stefan Mikes

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Like Fender or Gibson over in my other obsession (I split the difference and go PRS).
I guess I am Rickenbacker then.
Guess what? My principal electric guitar is a 1979 Japanese Pearl Custom Export. And my current electric bass is a 1978 Greco Electric Bass :D Both guitars are there.

For English speakers... It was when I had long hair.