The US is doubling e-bike imports this year to half a million


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An interesting analysis of the market changes this year due to CV-19 including the shift to younger, more fit riders/commuters.

The electric bicycle boom in the United States is bigger than we thought, and it’s only getting bigger. When the US economy began feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic this past February and March, many in the e-bike industry feared the worst. At least until we witnessed an unexpected twist of fate. E-bikes, much like toilet paper for some reason, were the pandemic’s surprising winners that no one saw coming.

Nearly every electric bicycle company saw sales skyrocket as Americans began to exit lockdowns this past April. Sales continued to climb into the summer, and they haven’t slowed since. According to Ed Benjamin of the Light Electric Vehicle Association, the US imported around 270,000 electric bicycles in 2019. That was peanuts compared to the millions of e-bikes sold in Europe but represented impressive growth for the US market.
But now the US is expected to more than double that figure to as many as 600,000 e-bikes this year. And that’s not even enough to fulfill the demand.