The very sexy Haibike Trekking Sduro S RX…


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"After 300 km a new motor was needed. Chain came off, bolts were loose."
2 cracked motors and a cracked rear rim at each spoke. What are you doing with this bike?
Or is the dealer really that bad that they can't set a bike up?

I am cycling on asfalt roads to my work and back to my house. No strange things.


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I bought the bike in 2016 february. In the Netherlands the bike is a moped, so it needs a license and needs to have papers for on the dutch roads. The dealer has different people that sell stuff in his shop. I talked with a seller about the bike and we came to a price agreement inclusively with roadtest papers and license plate. It took a week for the bike to arrive at the dealer. So after a week the owner of the dealership calls me that the bike is in and i can pick it up. I go to the shop, but no license. He tells me it is ok without a license. As i say no we agrreed on license and roadtest papers and plate. Luckely the seller put everything in their computet so he could not fall back out of this agreement. Ok he said, normally this costs 300€ we need a van to go to the testarea of the dutch road commision bla bla. I say it is not my fault. So then he tells me ok we will do it we agrreed to it it is fine. I go home. Two days later the test is over 1 month. So i had to wait 1 month, think it was busy there. Then after a month he calls me. Yes the bike has been inspected and tested. Papers are made, but... The system of the roadtest commite has gone off line so it will be another 2 weeks. So i wait. And call them to ask if the noise will be gone when i pick it up, there was a noise when test driving the bike 2 months ago. Yes yes all will be good. So phone ring i pick up the bike. Drive home and the noise is still there. Next day i have to go to work, sold my car to go on bike, and i ride the bike but if i put too much preasure on the pedal thr noise comes back. I think by my self this is just the gears and chain that needs afjusting. So i ride it for a week and all bolts are loose. I go back, yes sorty they. I say it has sit here in your shop doing nothing for more then a month and you give me this s*it. So they appoligise repairand off i go. Also the rear wheel is off center as i yold them more then once, but that was not true they say. 2 days later uphill against the wind raining in the dark i put preadure on the pedal round 35 km/h and i slip off the pedal, chain broken. I go back next day furious. Oh yes that can happen they tell me the chain and gears need adjusting, so they adjust. And also the yamaha enginr needs to go back to haibike i get a new one, wait one week. Then i tell again the rear wheel is off center and the owner of the dealership adjusts some spokes, to... keep me happy i guess? Then i drive it for round 1000 km and again click click emgine noise. So i go back they tightened the bolts, i say it has a torque offset they say it is ok and they gave it maintenece and also indeed the wheel is offcenter, so they centred it. After 300 km my wheel is wobbling and the rom is broken at eavh spoke connection to the rim. You tell me if this is a haibike standard dealet. I get fed up with it and haibike keeps saying i need to contact the dealer for problems.

So my advice, no haibike, not like this.

Ravi Kempaiah

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I have the Sduro Trekking S RX. The crankshaft is slightly loose after 3600 km and makes a faint ticking sound. But the shop said they would adjust it during the first revision which is free. Other than that, not much to say for the moment. It's been a good workhorse, especially considering the price was on the mellow side of things. My biggest complaint has more to do with battery size. Basically, I would need 1000Wh instead of 500Wh. It's extremely difficult for me to get more than 50 kilometres on a charge. It probably has to do with my level of (un)fitness.

I don't get more than ~30 miles on a 400Whr battery. So, we are on same page here...
If it matters, my avg speed is around 21mph. In low assist levels, it is possible to get more. I keep a spare battery for long rides but for short commute, 400 powerpack has worked fine.