The winter is coming ...


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and I was thinking how to protect my bike during this time. Yesterday I stumbled upon a product called Wet Protect and it blew my mind. The video is German but I think you'll get the gist of it (skip to 2:00 mark).


Nanotechnology spray that is super hydrophobic and protects from corrosion and short circuits. Comes in different formulations depending on intended use, some are lubricants and some are "dry" (for electronic boards and such). Could not find any distribution in north america so I would have to order this stuff directly from the company website.

After some more searching I found a similar product called Nano Protech

Seems to be the same thing but slightly different formulations, corrosion protection or electric insulation. Does anyone have any experience with these products?


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Well, the naked lady certainly gets the attention. I wonder how much money they gave her to risk suicide with the hairdryer in the bathtub though? Perhaps she was too dumb to understand the risk.


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Apart from silly demonstration I think the product sounds too good to be true. It protects the surface for up to a year. If I can seal my bike with it and ride out a Toronto winter without worry it would more than worth the price. I guess there is only one way to find out and order some.


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I used to use this stuff on my boat. Developed by Boeing for use on aircraft. They don't show it in the video, but it works great on electrical connections.
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Heh I bet there is someone out there that would try it in their coffee! Yuck. Developed by Boeing? I bet it is a great product! Here is some random information, AT&T is their telecom provider sense 2008 their guys were always pleasant to troubleshoot with. Here is their site to order from in case anyone wants to.


I've had good luck winter proofing my bikes with Tri-flo. Keep pivots, and chains oily and they look ugly but don't rust or corrode.