the worst expierence dealing with any company and it turns out to be selling ebikes and parts

mary hubert

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...i threw away $1500 buying a front wheel hub system from Clean Republic...they were one of the worst companies i've ever had the displeasure of working with anywhere, anytime.....their products are made from the cheapest , worst materials that you can imangine then you'll be lucky to get any customer support, they lied to and cheated me....since this terrible expierence i have purchased a new front wheel system that works fantastic.....


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Rather than create multiple threads about the same topic the one you created will be seen by all. In addition, there's a dedicated Clean Republic area of the board so you can voice your disgust there if you prefer.


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That's a bummer Mary. Thanks for letting us know about it. I'm glad you were able to find happiness.


Throwing away money is never fun. Sorry that happened. I was thinking of buying one for a trike I have sitting here. Now I will not use that brand. thank you for the information.

Chris Nolte

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We had some dealings with them years ago and it wasn't good. I ended up giving away the kits I bought from them. Sorry you had that experience. Hopefully your new conversion continues to give you a favorable experience. Can I ask what you purchased?