Theme Update for EBR Forum... FEEDBACK?!!


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Hey guys, my friend has been helping to re-skin the EBR forums to match the main site and we plan to launch on Thursday afternoon. The thing is, it's going to be a little rough around the edges. I'm a bit of a perfectionist but there are so many things being done with the main site right now. I wanted to get this update out and collect feedback. My hope is that this thread can be a place for you to chime in about what's broken, what should be changed etc. This is primarily a visual update... we're hoping to add new features in the future but it's going to be a bit. In order to fund the site, travel and review etc. I have to move a bit slower than I'd like... but we're always moving and I appreciate your patience and help :D


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Looking forward to the update. I've never understood the wood paneling—it takes up valuable screen space, and it is wood paneling.

Al P

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Hi Court,

You've been doing a great job, both on the forum and especially on the reviews, which were extremely helpful to me when I was looking for my, and my wife's ebikes. I have a suggestion while you are considering updates.

At the bottom of every thread there is a button that says "More Options". Perhaps I'm missing something, but it doesn't seem to have a purpose other than to make the text box larger.

Thanks for all you do here.
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On the right side of every post add a button to "quote" that poster. I realize you can click on the poster's avatar and quote that post, but it is not obvious to new members.
There is already a Quote button, but it is labeled Reply, at the bottom right of every comment.


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I add a lot of pics and links to my posts, and the 'More Options' allows me to preview, or proof my posts. It also shows how a post will look once posted. It's particularly helpful when posting via a mobile device. There is a quote button on the tool-bar.

Here is the quote button (sorry for poor quality).


Edit: I like the forum..., but 'In Court We Trust'. It could be a little more mobile friendly.


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A couple of small things I've noticed:

- On mobile, I'm not seeing the notifications. They're hidden at the top of the screen.
- The fonts for the Navbar (Forum->General Discussion, etc.) are too big and overlap. I see 'Forum...eneral discussi...'
- The level of green used for title headings isn't homogenous throughout the site (might be intentional, but looks a little strange). The green for 'Introductions & Bike Garage' isn't the same as the one for 'General Discussions' in the snapshot below...

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The only part of the alert missing here is part of the red badge. Only the smallest bit of red shows. The green appears consistent.


James Kohls

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I run my browser full screen, so this is what I see.


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I noticed with the old format that the post headings were in bold font until you had read the post
Now the subject text still remains in bold font after the post has been read


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Anyone desiring the old view, scroll all the way to the bottom left of any page, and click "Style" then choose "Default" instead of "Reflex". The new style is "Reflex".

Ann M.

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I'm seeing a mixture of bolded old font types mixed with the newer lighter green bolded fonts that others above mention. Also see my notes in the Moderation log, Court.


I tried it both ways and it wasn't working. I sorta had to be signed in to comment. :) It's working now, though.