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Northeast Pennsylvania
I need one of those cover caps.. Do you know what it's off of or where I can get one?

I got them from


They stock red and black colors and the minimum order is 5 caps for $13.09 . I have 3 bikes with horns and I gave one to my brother so the one in the picture is an extra. You're welcome to it if you message me an address.
You can also request a free sample from Mocap but you still have to pay the shipping.
At $2.62 each, the caps cost a third the price of the horn. They do prolong it's life though. I've been using the same one for 5 seasons. Before, I used to go through a horn every year.
Keep in mind, the horn will only emit a single tone if activated with the cap on. I'm in the habit of removing it before using. it's easily done with one hand.
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