This is the bike...


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...that makes me cringe, when I think in terms of e-bikes being allowed access to trails.

Sunahme bikes, manufactured and sold in Ladysmith, BC.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for electric powered vehicles. But to call this a bicycle is rather misleading. It weighs over 100 lbs (45 kg). It goes 90+ kph (55+ mph). It's a motorcycle that just happens to have cranks and pedals.

I've seen a video of one going down a hiking trail doing what I would estimate to be 30+ mph. That is what makes me cringe - the interactions and consequences of irresponsible riders on these machines.

Anyone have any thoughts on these? Just curious.


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7200w? Absolutely motorcycle. That pesky extra zero....

It is nice that we have a free country and the technology to make all sorts of nifty toys. I guess if I owned 100 acres of dirt paths in the woods, this type of bike might be cool...

But, if they are marketing it for road use, then it needs to be street legal and able to be insured.

But for public trails? Totally illegal.

Legalizing minimally powered ebikes wouldn't, and shouldn't, pave the way for these motorcycles.

Lets hope lawmakers can tell the difference.
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Well I have to pipe in this post. To me that's not an ebike , more like a dirt motorcycle. I would not want that machine on bike paths at all . We need to respect the bike community and bike paths or it will ruin it for us who have regular e bikes that stay under 20 mph for safety to us and others. Let's all use some commen sense .


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Nothing wrong with that bike, but in Illinois, that's a motor vehicle. Drivers license and plates needed. If you have license plates, then you don't go on bike paths or dirt trails that prohibit motor vehicles.


Agreed with everyone above. Belongs on the road and should be street legal because it is a motorcycle not a bike.


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There was one thing on the video I watched that made me laugh a bit - something about how you could pedal up until 80 kph, before there would be no point in doing so. I think that would get a few looks. Although I couldn't see that being very safe - if someone's foot slipped of a pedal at that velocity, that would be a very messy wipe-out. :eek:


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No kidding. They're all using the same cheap chinese enduro frame, cheap forks and rear shock.

You mean there are other companies out there making and selling these things?

Sorry, just looked up "high speed electric bikes", and saw a number of them that look very similar.
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