This should be a game changer for battery costs

George S.

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GM and LG have been cited numerous times as saying their cell cost of the Bolt is $145 a kWh. That's a 50 AH pouch, apparently. The bolt is 60 kWh and there are 288 cells.

Since average ebikes still have around 500 watt hours, half a kWh, that's $70 at the GM price. The trend doesn't work so much for ebikes. Even at the Lunacycle retail price for cells, the cost of the cells is pretty low.

If you want to make something heftier with a 2 or 3 kWh battery, this helps. The battery used in the Eagle, on Kickstarter, is pretty far out there. @Chris Barnes has introduced the product. I know there is a future for something like this.

Right now people are getting bogged down on the legal stuff. What's an ebike, what's a three wheel car? The ebike market is in great shape right now, as far as batteries go. But it's clear if you can make a 3 kWh battery for $1000, people might shift to more powerful designs. Storm Sondors is trying to raise money for an EV, I assume a small car. There's the Sion, which is cute. A lot of this stuff doesn't take a GM or Tesla, at this point, so it's really exciting. That's what the battery tech is driving, so it is very exciting.

The scale to make batteries is huge, but small enterprises can still take batteries and build an ebike or an EV of some other kind. That makes this period interesting.