Thoughts on best power meter

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
I ride a Creo and I have a Garmin computer. While the Creo will show the power I generate and the power the motor is supplying if I use the Specialized app, it doesn't record the motor power. My Garmin will record the power I generate but not the power the motor generates. It would be really interesting to see both data sources but I don't know how to record both.

I might try out the BLevo app this year as I know others on here really like it.
BLEvo records about 58 ride parameters consisting of cyclist input (cadence, power), motor parameters (including power, torque, temperature), battery data (charge, voltage, temperature), of all available GPS data (including elevation and road inclination), and those coming from heart rate monitor. While many of these parameters can be viewed at during the ride, BLEvo stores complete ride history that can be exported as a CSV file for post-ride analysis in Excel. It also produces detailed ride summary report.

Add to it graphs it generates, complete ride map with any imaginable data for any trip point (you can even determine when you stopped the bike and for how long), flawless export to Strava and GPX/TCX export for other sports trackers.

Highly recommended!