Throttle addition for Levo Fatbike

Trail Junkie

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I want to add a throttle assist (preferably thumb, not twist) to nudge my Levo Fatbike from a dead stop in less than ideal situations, due to my aging, weak, and creaky legs. Has anyone done this, or know a real expert on modern small motors? I'm a retired engineer, but I know my limitations. Are electrical schematics of the Levo systems available anywhere? This should not be a difficult undertaking, because cheap Ebikes have a throttle assist to augment the pedal assist.
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Don Youngdahl New Brighton, Minnesota

Larry Ganz

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I think it would not be for the faint of heart. You'd probably need a programmable microchip in the throttle to replicate the signals that the crank sends to the comtroller, to tell the controller how fast and hard you're pedaling when in fact you really aren't pedaling.

Maybe it could go between the cadence/torque sensors and controller, to intercept the signal (or lack of signal if not pedaling) and modify the output to fool the controller.

Or maybe you'd need something like the speed chips that plug in and modify the controller's behavior, for instance when they remove the top speed programming. That chip would have a wire running to a throttle, which would tell the motor when to switch on and off and how much power to deliver.

It's probably something that will eventually come to
Market in a few years, once there's enough of these bikes to meet the demand.

On my Bosche powered bike with walk mode, it might be easier to implement. But I notice that the pedals move when using walk mode vs don't move when simply rolling my bike along. So that could be an issue too if one is modifying the walk mode to do 20mph but the pedals are moving too fast and can cause injury to the rider or others.