Throttle and available accessories


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I have been doing some quick research and I am sure there is still more that I need to discover in these 2 short days of googling, but the main objective is to find a way to add a throttle to my BMW E-Bike. I read a few threads stating that Bosch has it locked down completely. From what I have seen in the past with other "locked" devices there is always a way. My inspiration comes from a Tesla owner who pretty much made his own OS to run the vehicle. Tesla was not too happy and asked him to return the vehicle to its original state. My laptop at home has a few millions tabs open with information on conversion kits, add-ons, cheap hacks (speed sensors spoof) but nothing solid yet. I have not given up yet as this bicycle is not my summer project and Daily ride.

If anyone has any new input since a lot of the threads regarding this topic are outdated I would like to see what progress has been made or discovered. I will also be looking for a Forum for Bosch motors if anyone has any leads. I will not be discouraged and one way or another I am putting a throttle on this BMW E-Bike :)