Throttle or no Throttle? The Solution: Adapt!

Tora Harris

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The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent is a Class 3 e-bike that takes advantage of the new CA law which allows electric assisted boost up to 28mph if the throttle is NOT used. I don't think people yet understand how ridiculously awesome that new law is for e-bikes in the USA.

A little backstory:
At Juiced, we believe true "pedal assist" can only be achieved with a proper torque sensor AND speed sensor. The CrossCurrent (internally known as the "LCC") started out as a platform for us to quickly test various different torque sensors for our ODK Utility e-bikes. It soon became our go-to weekend toy with the ability to blast around at 30 mph while truly getting a stress-relieving workout which is counter-intuitive, but absolutely real.

Then there was a rumor of a new law that would allow up to 28 mph top speed if the throttle was NOT used. Suddenly the CrossCurrent went from a "tool" to a product worth going into production.

We know that some states have yet to allow "class 3" e-bikes and have limits of 20 mph. In developing the CC platform we have taken into consideration any possible eventuality which politicians might throw at us.

Our entry into this new e-bike category has multiple control interfaces which can run in Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 modes without hacking the bike which would make it impossible for us to warranty the product.

Here is how it works:

Class 3: 28 mph limit with pedal assist
- The CC comes standard in this configuration, it can achieve 28mph with torque-based pedal assist as the battery is already 48 V and we use a speed-winding motor.

Class 2: 20 mph limit with throttle and pedal assist
- The CC has the ability to use the throttle with an optional wire harness and a half-twist throttle. The controller automatically recognizes the throttle and the limit is put at 20 mph. You still have butter-smooth torque-based pedal assist up to 20 mph.

Class 3: 20 mph limit with pedal assist
- We have developed a display which will be ready at launch that does not have the SPORT mode. Basically you just easily swap out the display and boom... the bike goes from Class 3 to Class 1. The controller automatically recognizes the Class 1 display and the speed limit is set to 20 mph with pedal assist only.

So to recap:
The CrossCurrent ships as a Class 3 e-bike with 28 mph top speed right out of the box - which is what everyone wants anyway. You will have the option to get a Class 1 display and/or a throttle, but the limit by law must be then set to 20 mph as long as the Class 1 display is used.


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George S.

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Quoting the law.

"The bill would require a person riding an electric bicycle to comply with the above-described requirements relating to the operation of bicycles. The bill would prohibit persons under 16 years of age from operating a class 3 electric bicycle. The bill would also require persons operating, or riding upon, a class 3 electric bicycle to wear a helmet, as specified. The bill would prohibit the operation of a class 3 electric bicycle on specified paths, lanes, or trails, unless that operation is authorized by a local ordinance. The bill would also authorize a local authority or governing body to prohibit, by ordinance, the operation of class 1 or class 2 electric bicycles on specified paths or trails. The bill would prohibit a person from tampering with or modifying an electric bicycle to change its speed capability, unless he or she appropriately replaces the classification label. The bill would specify that a person operating an electric bicycle is not subject to financial responsibility, driver’s license, registration, or license plate requirements. The bill would also make conforming changes."

Well, no multiple use paths for Class 3. No one knows how the labels will work.


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So bike paths and trails can't be used with class 3 with this bill? That seems pretty shitty. I mean as a ebike cyclist you're not always pedaling at 28 mph, just when you have the space and distance to do so. When you're on a bike path, there are obstacles and turns so imagining that someone who can go 28 or 30 mph will do so on a bike path is kinda ridiculous if you ask me...or maybe I'm not understanding this law.

George S.

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It's like the new Pedego Ridge Rider. They put a full throttle on the bike, along with very nice pedal assist modes. But DiCostanzo knows the law, and he ended up making the RR a Class 2 and 20 mph. If you want the throttle, you are Class 2. If you want to ride the lovely beach paths on the Pacific Coast, I guess you go Class 1 or 2.

There are long threads where people discussed this. I don't really like where they ended up. We don't know what happens to kit bikes with motors over 750 watts (mine is but Utah goes to 1000). They have to label the bikes next year, in California. They want this law everywhere.

I'd like to see how dynamic companies like Juiced Rider deal with the law, in California, before they take it to other states. Right now, I really don't like it because it only raises the speed limit for PAS bikes, and only on roads. Plus no one knows how they do the labels. What does 750 watts mean?


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I think the real issue is they dont want Joe Average to go as fast a Lycra Dude, Joe avg isnt bright enough to use common sense or he isnt "entitled" to go that fast unless God gave him the gift of perfect health because Lycra can go that fast

Tora Harris

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Both stickers will be included when required. So you can go on Class 3 paths where allowed and Class 1&2 elsewhere. Maximum flexibility with a single product is the key for us. In practice it will be much less headache than what it seems on paper.

Basically they are just trying to find a easy and fair way to keep 28mph "electric motorcycles" off the bike paths without needing the police to be e-bike experts. The fight between e-bike and normal bikes will go away. Already on our bike paths in CA I rarely here people yell "cheater" anymore. Even normal bike shops in CA now have big signs that say" e-bikes sold here!" see image. This bikes shop sold Stromer ST2 (Class 3) among others.


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Stephen Cho

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I had this one macho old dude call me a cheater. These idiots think we're out there to compete. I use ebikes to commute and haul stuff. I got rid of my car and I am saving $$$. It is my preference to save my energy for work and not getting to work. If I was interested in being bike racer wonderboy I know I can leave douches like him in the dust. The law sucks sometimes because grandpa really deserved some broken face bones and a lullaby with one quick strait right.

Tora Harris

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We just got in the throttle kits!


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Tora Harris

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Any installation videos for the throttle available? Also, how much does it cost?
The throttle kit is $99 and includes a new display, throttle and special cable. Installation is extremely easy. Basically you just plug it in. We are working to get it up to the online store. Please email us directly if you need one right away.
@Tora Harris Just to be clear -- the Class-3 28 mph version of the bike does not include a throttle that allows you to go up to 20 mph? That's an option to buy as an add-on to the Class-3 bike. Correct?

Tora Harris

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@Tora Harris Just to be clear -- the Class-3 28 mph version of the bike does not include a throttle that allows you to go up to 20 mph? That's an option to buy as an add-on to the Class-3 bike. Correct?

Yes, the throttle is an add-on. The stock bike comes with the SPORT display and no throttle (Class 3, up to 28 mph)

Jack Tyler

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@Tora Harris my apologies for now beating the dead horse...but reading the (very helpful) chart, it appears there may be no reason to receive a 'new display' if I want a Class 3 CC but ALSO a throttle. In this case, I would only need to order the 'throttle kit' that is shown above (which is absent the display), if I'm understanding correctly? (Heaps of praise on Tora for offering *options* and *choices*, even tho' our questions probably feel to him like penalties for having done so).


Tora Harris

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The new laws do not state clearly if Class 3 bikes are allowed to use the throttle or not. So our throttle kits are designed to bring the bike 100% into compliance with Class 1&2 specifications. Some states do not allow Class 3.


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this is so awesome to see some plug and play throttle options!! great idea!

would love to see this kind of thing with plug and play front and rear lights

and also different levels/quality of displays in general

will be keeping up with this thread and may consider this for my second bike


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Wow, what a silly law. The throttle is limited to 20mph so it shouldn't require any changes to the 28mph top speed allowed under pedal assist.

I agree that plug in light options (or harnesses for 3rd party lights) would be nice. One benefit of a big battery on an e-bike is you don't have to run separate battery powered lighting.

Terry Colvin

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So, if I purchase the thumb throttle for my new CC, but leave the Class 3 controller on the bike, will the the top speeds by 20 mph throttle, 28 mph pedelec?