Throttle resistance


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I have a recent model (not sure of year) E-motion Street. I have found the PAS doesn't work well for me because I have a weak right leg which messes with the assist. I switched to using the half grip throttle. It is still really jumpy on a full charge but evens out as the battery drains a bit. Still better than the PAS. Anyway, my wrist begins to ache from holding the throttle after a while. I added a wire tie to the grip to use it as a thumb throttle, but now my thumb is cramping. I think the problem is with the spring resistance in the throttle. I'd like to make it super easy to twist so it takes very little pressure to keep it steady. Are there differences in the spring tension (I assume there is a spring involved??) between different throttle brands? Is there a way to modify the one I have to twist more easily?


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I am not familiar with that bike. Most throttles use hall effect sensors, but not all of them. There are usually three pins (ground, +5V, and signal), but sometimes the throttle has other functions such as a battery level display or a cutoff switch and there are more pins on the connector. Even if there are only three pins, the pinout order can vary, so you may have to do some soldering if it is wrong.

There also might be a way to program the PAS sensitivity to work better for you. Check with the manufacturer.

I bought a couple of these. They offer different pinouts on the connector. The spring is very light and the throttle is low profile. However, they are pricey for a throttle and they ship from Eastern Europe, so it takes a while to get it.

I also have this one. The spring is a little stronger on it.