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Does the throttle work fully depending on how much you push it, when you are in any peddle assist mode? Basically, I want to know if I’m in level 0 or 1 but I wanted an extra jolt to eat up a hill and pushed it all the way down, would it give the full throttle?


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Most ebikes that have a throttle are hub drives, so the throttle performance is independent of the gear you are using and the assist level. So, yes, you would get full throttle. The few mid drive ebikes that have a throttle might perform differently depending on the gear you are in.
The throttle is sensitive to how far it traverses, not pressure, but yes, if you push it slightly, it helps slightly. If you depress the entire way, it gives you full throttle. By default, it provides 100% available power regardless of the PAS setting, so it would behave the way you have described wanting it to work. The above is true of all models from EBC.


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On the Aventon Pace bike you have to start pedalling and push the throttle before it activates. If you are pedaling in pedal assist, you can push the throttle and it will kick in. A quick reaction.
Fortunately, these are not Averton Pace bikes and you do not need to pedal before engaging the throttle. You can throttle from a stop or at any speed less than you have the governor set.


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As noted above, the throttle overrides the PAS setting on most hub drive bikes. I find this particularly useful when pacing other riders. If I can't get the correct speed & comfort level with the PAS system, I set the speed I want using the throttle and apply the amount of pedal pressure I'm comfortable with. In this case, the bike isn't assisting me, I'm assisting it.