Thudbuster install 2013 S


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I know several of you have installed Thudbusters -- was hoping someone could walk me through what you did with the brake light wiring. Do you just clip the wires, pull them out, then re-couple them? Did you drill a hole in the Thudbuster for them?

Thanks in advance
check this thread for some info on the wiring on Turbo S.
The wiring to the lights have connectors that sits in the space next to the crank housing. There you can disconnect the seatpost wires and pull them out of the seatpost if you wish (but then you have no backlight). If you wish to maintain the seat back lights an option could be to unfasten the seatlight from the saddle, remove the seatpost, install your thudbuster and fasten the wires with clips to the thudbuster. As the thudbuster is a moving piece I would protect the wires with some shrink tubing. Or you could install a back fender light and pull wires down to the connector space.