Thule easy fold 9032


has any used this rack. Will it work for 2 stromers
This rack works great for me

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I suggest a 1UpUSA rack for two bikes. A slightly less expensive solution, superb build quality, and a very solid platform for ebikes with the added benefit of not touching the frame of the bike. Check out the website and all the videos to see why folks are raving about this solution. I looked at the EasyFold but saw the two next to each other and for me it was no contest. Racks can be added or subtracted in about 2 minutes up to 2 for a class 1 hitch or up to 4 racks for a truck. Each rack is rated at 50lbs and works great for my ST2 (batteries always removed from bike for transport). Not that the Thule EasyFold is a bad product, quite the contrary. I just felt the engineering and build quality of the 1UP was superior.

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Clever design on that Thule Easy Fold; however, it would be better to not have the clamps grab the frame but a seatpost instead. I've seen a standard bike stand clamp dent a hydroformed aluminum frame, so pardon my concern! With the 1UP Double Bicycle Super Duty Quik Rack (Black), you have a carrying capacity of up to 75 lbs per bike for 1 to 3 bikes, that's 25 lbs per bike more than what the Thule's rated at. Given that rack failure is not always covered if its an ebike on board, the higher carrying capacity seems a safer choice. 50 lbs carrying capacity is less than what many ebikes weigh, something to consider.

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I see that now, Ravi, thanks. Still have a higher capacity with the 1UP; however, Thule does endorse the Easy Fold for Ebikes, so that means there will be no flack from the manufacturer should there be an issue with the rack or failure while in use. Some bike rack manufacturers will not warranty a rack if its not stated for ebike use.


EasyFold is easy to use, plus it tilts backwards with both Stromers on it to open the rear hatch of my Volvo XC60. ST2 Comfort faces left with short arm holding the seat tube. ST2 Sport faces right with the long arm holding the seat tube. Nice locking system at hitch and on arm clamps. Incredible ebike carrier--highly recommended!


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I have the easyfold purchased in Vancouver Canada, but only bought it as my bike shop recommended it so lack of further investigation is my fault. It's expensive so will keep it for now. Thule support is also great with no questions or proof of purchase required.
Now it does have one major flaw. It comes within ramp to help load the bikes (a selling feature) that does not perform as expected. The ramp is flimsy and poor design. It does not attach securely to easyfold and falls off. In fact I would say dangerous to use. I called Thule and they said they have a new ramp and promtly sent it to me. Although the angle is less because they made it from 2 pieces, it suffers from the same problem attaching to easyfold.
So top marks for the rack holding 2 Stromer's securely but it fails on the loading ramp attachment. I will likely now have one custom made.


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If and when I get a replacement rack this was number 1 due to the ramp feature. DO any other owners have opinions/experiences with using the ramps??

Brian Lee

The ramps definitely make it easier to get the bike onto the rack. However, they are pretty flimsy so you have to be careful to line the bike up on the ramp straight. If it is off center the ramp will flex and could lead to an accidental dumping of the bike. That said, I don't find it difficult to line it up and roll the bike on and off.