Thule Easy Fold XT - Bump, Squeek and Grind .....

I am very happy with this rack but I find the sound of squeeking metal disconcerting ....
Stopped by the Thule Dealer with rack and bikes installed and he confirmed I was doing everything properly and hitch was sound.
Quiet when driving along on smooth road but whenever a bump or uneven surface it makes all kinds of sounds, anybody else experience this ?


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Mine has been used quite a bit over the past three years. It is quiet as well.

Try tightening the tongue knob some more. Tighten the knob while grabbing the U shaped bar, lifting and wiggling it while getting some more turns on the knob. The whole mechanism (and your bike) will be far more stable and less likely to make noise if the connection point between the rack and the hitch on the car is really snug. Also a light shmear of grease on the tongue where it enters the hitch might help too.
Grease tried by Thule Dealer. He has acknowledged my unit makes some unusual sounds.
He will replace it under warranty when new units arrive, probably a couple of months. In the meantime, while the sound is disconcerating, neither the Dealer or Thule Tech support feels there is a risk