Thumb throttle wiring


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Hi friends,

I'm trying to connect my 5 wire thumb throttle to the controller. however, I am finding difficulties in trying to establish how and what.
The yellow wire from the throttle is connected to positive from the battery. The blue one I am not certain.
The black red and green connected can be connected to the controller and the display will start to indicate the voltage.
However, the motor does not start.

If you guys have any idea where I can find the specific manual for the controller or throttle it would be greatly appreciated.


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Hard to find a manual when you never identified the controller or the bike/scooter.

Also tell people what you're doing. If all you're doing is attaching a 5 wire throttle to a bike that was working and it had a three wire throttle, you just skip the blue/yellow wires and you won't use the power switch that came with the throttle, You mention a display with a voltage read out and its own power switch, and said it works, although it's not shown in the picture.

Since you appear to have done that, and you show pictures of the controller with most the plastic connectors housings removed, we don't know if the bike ever worked for you, if you plugged the throttle into the right three wires or if you have the other connectors correct.

So hope you figure it out. Good luck.


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That controller SHOULD have come with a wiring diagram of some sort, identifying the wires by color. If not, that's where you need to start. When you've identified the wire colors, THEN you have a chance at connecting the throttle. With no guidance on the controller, most of us are going to have very little chance of a successful install.


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I have the same one and have been trying to figure it out too.
I am going to be hooking it up to a csc kit.

This is what came with mine:


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