Time to buy new tires for my Rad Rover

Pay Jota

I will have gotten around 1000 miles on the originals on my 2019 model.

Thinking about going FATTER!!! I ride in a lot of sandy conditions in Mexico.

Will the Maxxis Minion 26 x 4.8 tires fit on my wheels?


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The fatter tires would be sweet in the sand. I have a few sand traps I have to negotiate when I ride near the river. Keeping the front wheel straight and hand on the throttle for full 750w bursts is the only way to plow through extremely dry and loose sand traps. The 4.8" tires at a low PSI would make life on the beach that much more fun.

I don't know if the extra width would also give you extra tire height and interfere with the bike frame with tight maneuvers at low PSI?