Time to give the new e-mtb a shake down


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Now that the new bike has arrived, it seemed a shame not to take advantage of the situation, by entering it into my first event of the year. The sole intention of buying it, was to take the pressure away from the FS bike, and the associated maintenance that follows riding an FS bike.
I skipped the first event of the series, as I had expected the conditions to be un rideable, but from speaking from someone at todays event, it wasn't so bad. Shame that I passed it by.

My love of hardtail mountain bikes has grown even further after today's ride. There were a few times when I would have preferred to have been on the full suspension Macina Lycan, but those times were only limited to when riding across fast sections of compacted and rutted fields.
Obviously I was thrown around a lot more, but I can't say that I overly missed not riding an FS bike.

The route was 32.7 miles long, with an elevation gain of 3,533' not a great deal in the scheme of things.
The average speed was 10.2mph, and the max speed was 34mph.

Route 1.JPG

There was an interesting mix of riders and levels of ability today, and I set out in the first group at the front, with the rest of the ride made up of approx 600 other riders. I always prefer setting off in the first group, as they are the get it done and dusted group, and they are some very fast lads.
Four were gone like rockets, and I just stayed alongside a lad on a fatbike for the first couple of climbs. Only after the third climb did I decide to pull away, and then didn't see another rider for the next ten miles. It was only at the first feed point that the group came together again.
After the first stop, I rode with a lad that had remembered me from last year, mainly because I had encouraged him up a particularly nasty climb. I did the same this year, then cluttered off to pick up some time and speed. Frustratingly I then got a rear puncture, and also took a tumble.
Switching to a tubeless set up, and the purchase of some Hutchinson Toro tyres is the list of jobs for this week.

Everyone seemed in high spirits today, with just a bit of light hearted banter about cheating from the fast lads, so all was good.

Time for the important bit of the day now. The post ride downing of a few bottles ale. :)

Before the ride.

ebr 1.JPG

After the ride.

ebr 2.JPG ebr 3.JPG ebr 6.JPG

Slightly dirty!

ebr 4.JPG

Better with a KTM. :)

ebr 5.JPG

Sadly only a poor quality clip.

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