Tip: Searching for non-tagged posts on EBR's forums


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As many of you probably have noticed the search engine here at EBR only works if 2 conditions are met:

A. The person who started the thread has tagged his post with keywords
B. You search for a tag or a substring of it

The problem with this method is that the tag needs to exist in the database. If it doesn't, the search engine won't retrieve anything for your query. However, you can run a Google query so that it only applies to this web site, excluding the rest of the Internet.

All you need to do is this:

<keyword> <keyword> site: electricbikereview.com


Bosch 500 site: electricbikereview.com
hub drive hill site: electricbikereview.com

I'm sure some of you probably have even more refined search strategies, but I've found this one to be useful and easy to remember when searching for topics that I know have been answered on EBR.

Chris Nolte

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Great tip JayVee! You can also include Boolean operators like AND, OR, NOT. This could be helpful as well.

So if you wanted to search all posts that include Bosch and full suspension you could type into Google "Bosch AND full suspension site:electricbikereview.com"

The OR operation will give you posts that include any if the posts including one of the keywords and NOT will give you posts with "keyword 1 NOT keyword 2"