Tire clearance flx trail f5! Will 2.8 inch tires fit?


Can someone measure the tire clearance? Is it 3in?

Has anyone actually put 2.8 in tires, such as Schwalbe Super Moto or G1. I think that will be a great setup, will it fit?

Right now I'm riding with a tires that just barely make it so as long as there's a millimeter or two clearance that's fine with me

Also how does everyone find the throttle and mid Drive motor with changing gears? Any issues with the chain breaking or coming off?

Does the throttle work well if you're in a middle gear or higher gear for acceleration. How would anyone compare it to a hub motor? Overall better riding experience?

Looking to upgrade from a Juiced cross-current with a hub motor. The Hub motor can make for a rough ride over bumps. Does the bike really weigh 46 lb? That's pretty light. Great appreciate anyone's thoughts