Tire Pressure: Rolling resistance or comfort?


I've been riding my Gazelle T10 with Schwalbe Apple tires for about 2 weeks now. The ride quality is not good, but I'm running tires at 62psi. Understand, I came from a road bike with foco steel and carbon forks, and the ride on that bike is much better, even with the tire pressure over 100psi. Part of this I'm sure is down to the aluminum frame, which transmits more vibration than steel.

What tire pressure is best for a 50 pound bike with a 160 pound rider?


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There are too many variables involved. You are the only one who can answer this question. Experiment. Try different combinations and find the combo that works best.

If you haven't already done so, look into suspension seatposts. They can ease the ride considerably.

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If the tyres are 28 x 1.75” or 47-622 ertro size then I’d expect the sidewalls to be showing something like 45-70psi as their recommended operating range .

for a 160lb rider 62psi seems rather high , I’d try dropping them to 50-55psi and see how that feels. I suspect you’ll find something like 48 front, 52 rear to be about perfect. For tubeless set ups, drop 2-4psi . For wet weather you might want to drop a couple more psi

there are online calculators if you google, some skinny road tyre biased, some fat MTB biased. You may need to try a few before you find one to suit your needs.
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