Tires for Felt Nine-E


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Anybody with suggestions for replacement tires for the Schwalbe Racing Ralphs that the NineE ships with?

I use it mostly on streets, but want to keep trail-capable tires for the times when I do get to go off road.
Some level of puncture resistance would be great too. I have a Schwalbe Nobby Nic that includes a puncture-resistant layer on the front now, but the Racing Ralph rides much better on the street (and is fine on the trail).
However, the stock tires wear out pretty quickly and I've had a number of flats with them.

Anybody try Maxxis or Continental?
I use Schwalbe Energizer:

I am also mostly on streets. Some others may also recommend :

Both of above offer great puncture resistance.

I used to use Schwalbe Big Ben :

However, I found Energizer to have less rolling resistance and I can reach the 20 mph speed more easily with Energizer. I also switched to Energizer because of the level of puncture resistance it offers, though I didn't have flats on Big Ben. I've never tried Energizer Plus. I thought it would be great to have some more off-road grip, so that's why I went with Energizer Tour. I am so far very happy with the decision. I've been using Energizer Tour since March.


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I replaced my schwalbe rocket rons with continental mountain Kings 2.4 I was getting lots of flats. These tires are heavier which is a good thing. Taken them on some pretty tough rides and hill climbs, and very happy. I also use my bike for commuting which is a mix of paved and gravel trails. The tire are 1/2 price of the schwalbe's as as well. Bought on Amazon.

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I heard good things about Schwalbe marathon plus and marathon supreme, they seem to have really good reviews for road or touring.


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If you are looking for multi-terrain and want to stay with a MTB tire and need a MTB tire then one tire to consider in the size you need is the Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus.

The tire has the green guard 3mm layer which will help, but certainly the Marathon Plus MTB HS will give you better puncture resistance and slightly less road resistance due to it slightly narrower width 2.1" vs 2.35" that you have now.


I had Mountain Kings and was happy now i am happy with a similar patern just an other manufacturer on my Haibike +.
Without a car i do trails but also pedal to and from those trails.