Tires for my Trek Verve + 3 off-road


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I apologize if this is repetitive to current threads... I have been riding my Verve + 3 for over 3000 km now, and am increasingly going off-road with suspension seat post and stem. Loving it. The conditions aren’t that challenging for my Bontrager HardCase 700x50 tires, although I have had a couple of flats... related to pavement, not trails. I run them at the minimum 30 psi. I know I need knobbier tires for the trails and for the seasons as well, but like the quiet tread on pavement. Fall and winter are approaching here.
I have looked at Schwalbe tires and my head is spinning! What to get; is it Ok to go down a bit from 700x50, I am fine using tubes, don’t think I need studs, should I consider 4 season tires? Puncture resistance is not super critical here, few thorns and I have repair kit on board, generally 15 km from home.
Love to hear your recommendations.


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All I can tell you is I really like my SCHWALBE G-Ones. Probably wouldn’t do you in winter though.

I have used them on grass, gravel, and a few gentle dirt trails.