To Effort or Not


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My local bike dealer told me that a small university study was conducted to understand the exertion and calorie burn difference between a traditional bicycle and an ebike. Not sure of the the bikes used in the test but the summary result is that folks exert exactly the same amount of effort with both types of bikes. The only difference being average speed, which was higher on the e-bike. While I have no objectivity, I set my cadence and pedal effort to match my comfort level and found that this is almost identical between my non and e-bike.

My grandson bought a new department store standard bike (something called a BMC Alpenchallenge X1) and beat the crap out of me on a 10 mile ride. He averaged about 8-10 mph faster and I was in turbo mode on my Neo much for motors LOL.

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That result is right inline with my experience, although I often pass slow e-bikers many of them are on rentals and probably have not been on a bike in years. My sore legs, deep sleep and continued weight control were my clues. Regarding your grandson how awesome is it that you get to ride together at all! Cheers to you, -S


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My experience is the same. I exert effort and even stop and have a rest. But I have gone up hills I would have never gone up, that is the cool part.


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I tell people this when asked , I put out as much effort on my bike as they do , I am just as tired but have gone further faster. Another plus is I ride longer times so maybe , at least in my case I use more effort since I have an ebike


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When it comes to exertion and effort, my output is the same whether on an e-bike or an unassisted bike. Like "86" says, effort generally is the same -only I'm reaching my destination 4-5 mph faster. That was my purpose for using an e-bike for commutes. Since my output effort is equivalent whether e-biking or not e-biking, I calculate my kcal burn based on my typical non e-bike average speed. That calculation works out to my total ride time at an average speed of 14 mph.

Last April unassisted commuter bike speed averaged 12-15 mph (13.55 mph):
This year on the Zurich using the same effrot my average speed is 18.57 mph:{6D22DF85-E3E2-48CF-B240-2C55F89AB4BD}

I have taken the Zurich on "Touring rides" with the goal of measuring battery maximum usability per charge. Great fluctuations occur depending on the assistance and the ambient temperature. When it is warm outside that 432Ah's can take the 57 lb Zurich and my 240lbs an easy 50 miles with a conservative level of assistance. When the temperature outside falls below 40°F the power meter is in the "red zone" (needing a recharge) after 18-20 miles.