Top Ebike Flatless Tires/Tubes for Commuting/Heavy Urban Use


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I'm wanting to get some information about the top tires people are using for ebike commuting (or heavy use) within urban environments. I now commute from Bronx to Manhattan and Bronx to Brooklyn multiple times per week and recently decided to do this via ebike. I generally encounter excessive amounts of debris, glass, etc. on my normal non-e-bike routes in Bronx and Brooklyn, so I'm trying to prepare for when I get my first flat.

Right now, I believe I want to run Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires and potentially add to this Tannus armour, but I have seen things like no-flat airless bike tubes and Tannus airless tires.

Please add to the list of options and offer your reasons.


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what e-bike ? and tire size ?

Well the thread is intended as a more general thread about tires for a wide range of tire sizes. It looks like even people running really small tires go with Schwalbe.

If you want to help me out with picking my next tires, I have a Flash V1 City, and it has a 26" x 2.10" (54-559) tire. Here is a link to the page where you can by Flash's stock tire.

I found that Tannus doesn't yet produce a airless tire of this size and the reviews on airless tubes were very mixed, leaving the option of Schwalbe Marathon.


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I believe you are correct in wanting Schwalbe Marathon Plus .
Best to call Schwalbe's excellent customer support ; (250)-598-0397