Top Off Battery During Ride

Saratoga Dave

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Good morning, all... I'm heading out in awhile on about a fifty mile ride that is going to exceed my battery capacity. Anyone know whether it's quicker or more efficient to continue along and run it down near the bottom before finding s place to charge it for a while, or to stop around halfway and give it an hour or so? Does it matter?


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I'm not an expert, but I've heard that the quickest charging occurs at the lower ranges (e.g., 20-40% goes much quicker than 80-100%), which makes me think you'd be better off waiting until you're getting closer to the "E" mark. That said, the best approach of course is to bring a good book and stop at the place with the best coffee and baked goods!!!


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This would also help prevent the battery form going to lower than 20% which seems a to be a standard not to go below which will stress the battery less. Many of the DIY types only run their batteries from 20 -80 % , never above never below.