Topology DS103 Electric Bike Display Settings for BULLS Lacuba EVO Lite


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Hi guys! For 2020, BULLS has updated the LCD display being used for their Lacuba EVO Lite model from Bloks to Topology. I was told that the Topology display should more reliable and intuitive for users. I like that it offers color vs. grayscale, but it lacks a Micro USB port. While visiting BULLS to film some reviews recently, I decided to make a little video discussing this new display to help people out! Linked below is a video overview along with some pictures I took. Feel free to chime in with corrections, additions, and any other supporting resources.

  • Large 3.5" TFT color lcd is easy to interpret without squinting to actually read
  • Satisfying clicky button pad that's simple to reach and easy to memorize use without looking down
  • BULLS has told me that they believe this display panel will be very reliable
  • There's a range estimate menu which helps to be more precise about rides, given the basic 5-bar battery infographic
  • The display takes longer to boot up than most comparable displays I've tested
  • There's no Micro-USB port on the display or button pad (though the website says that it could have this port and that it has Bluetooth)
  • Less-precise 5-bar battery charge level infographic, you can get percentage readout but that's buried in the settings menu
  • To get to the settings menu, you must power down the display, then power up and hold the M button within five seconds... and since powering this display on takes longer than most, it can become frustrating and less convenient to get precise battery or other deeper info about your ebike systems
  • While navigating through the settings menus, you cannot cycle from the end to the start of the list, you have to manually click up, up, up, up etc. to get back to the top
  • If you choose to "clean data" and reset your trip stats, the system clears all of them at once vs. one off
  • The display uses green, yellow, orange, and red but some people are color blind and yellow isn't as good as using something like blue, the yellow and orange could easily get mixed up for me personally, perhaps other colors would have been nice
  • Hold M within five seconds of powering the bike on to get to the settings menu
    • First level of settings: Exit, Back Color, Unit, Backlight, Clock, Set Password, Battery Info, System Info, Reset
  • Hold M once the bike is on to clear trip stats (they call it "clean data")
    • Clean data allows you to reset the trip distance, trip time, average speed, and max speed
  • Hold up to activate lights (if they are wired in to the ebike system)
  • Hold down to activate walk mode
  • Primary readouts: light indicator, clock, current speed, battery charge level (5 bars), motor power, trip time, trip distance, odometer, range estimate, average speed, max speed
  • Drive modes include: off, eco (green), tour (yellow), sport (orange), turbo (red)
I've attached some photos below and welcome any comments, corrections, and input that you guys might have!



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Having watched many of your videos I think the BH ATOM Emotion Display has the most overall functionality for Brose motor powered bikes. For Bulls there are two options I am considering for my Sturmvogel. First the BMZ TOPOLOGY DS103 and second the Brose Display Central. Can you do a comparison of the three displays and post it on the Forum. Also do you know if the BH ATOM DISPLAY is only proprietary and not adaptable to the Brose powered Bulls Sturmvogel?


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Thanks for the updated review. You do not mention whether the display is intended for all weather (assuming so) and perhaps more importantly is it removable easily for when parked in urban areas to decrease risk of vandalism and theft?