Torque sensor adjustment


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My st1 is not running correctly. It is noticeably slower than my wife's. When watching the power arrows on the display they never go to 4 arrows no matter how hard I push on the pedals. It was pointed out the my t sensor bracket was in a fairly different location then normal, not sure when that happened. I centered the bracket in the recessed location . It seemed like it improved but still noticeably slower, I can't keep up w/her on flat in power while she is in tour. On hills worse, I am in power and she is city, I struggle and can't keep up.

I ride her bike all the time, more than mine now, it isn't a difference in riders

1st , can the t sensor adjustment effect this? If so is there a way I can get it close w/o falling a procedure or is the procedure doable by me?
2nd, if it isn't the issue I would assume the motor/controller or back wheel is the culprit and needs replacing, is this the next logical choice?
3rd if this has to go to a shop is this can Lenny' shop fix in 1 day? I will be in Wisconsin 2 week of Sept and plan on visiting his shop in general, may talk trade in.

Any other thoughts?

Thank you


The sensors are really touchy and not some thing you want to mess around with without hooking it up to the software first. If you've already messed with the sensor you should really bring it in. Call the shop first 6082765921 to make sure our mechanic Rich is here, he's usually out Sundays and Mondays.


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Thx, I will call but it isn't working well so I had nothing to lose is the attitude I took . Just moved it again, no difference. It is the 2nd motor, worked well for a while, hoping it is an adjustment rather than a replacement.

Do you think a local Stromer shop which may not have a lot of experience can do this adequately if we can't do much on the phone?


I am very experienced working with the torque sensor on the ST1 and the similar set up on Emotion bikes and rarely recommend the customer attempt the adjustment themselves due to the process is finicky and reliant on a light touch that comes from extensive experience in performing this adjustment. Additionally I check for rare related damage that may effect being able to achieve good results. If you are able to bring the bike to our shop I can perform the adjustment easily and have parts in stock if needed. Be aware we are in the midst of our busy season so cannot always do while you wait service but many times can accommodate customers who call ahead or travel to receive help. I look forward to helping you enjoy your bike again.