Torque Specs, front stem.. Neo Jumper?


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My handlebar easily twists on the front stem of my Neo Jumper.

Tightening the 2 hex bolts located on the front stem seems to be the right way to tighten the handlebar.
8 N-m is written near the bolts. Are these bolts supposed to be tightened to 8 N-m ?

I'm also wondering how to adjust the headset on the front stem when that time comes. There is a little rubber stopper over a dipple at the top of the stem. Under that is what seems to be a cap where I was expecting to find a bolt of some sort. Do I need to remove the cap?

I'm not sure I'm using the correct terms describing my situation.
Any links would be very helpful.

Colorado, USA

Ravi Kempaiah

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Yes, indeed. 7 to 8 Nm of torque is the suggested rating.
To put this into right perspective, you need 2 Nm to 2.5 Nm of torque to drive a screw into the wine cork.
So, 3 to 4 times of that would suffice.

If you have a torque wrench, even better.

It's not necessary to adjust the headset routinely. Full tune up of bikes involve changing the headset bearing as well (at least that's what my LBS told me).


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Thanks for the help.
I do have a torque wrench and find it very helpful.
No LBS so I do most of my own maintenance.
I am still puzzled how to access the bolt which adjusts the stem/headset.

Thanks again.
Colorado, USA