Torque Wrench

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Torque specs aren't that important- well, until you strip a hole and there is no room to oversize or helicoil-or your handlebars fall off at 28mph.
But most people that have worked on stuff for all their lives, get it pretty close naturally. I still like my snap- on, and now at 10 years old, its less than a dollar a week, and would sell for 80%+of new, a text book get what you pay for.

Are you saying that tool was $500?


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I think it was around 400. Are you saying that is too expensive? lol I thought so too at the time. I learned many years ago, buy the best, use the best and resell the best. my friends thought I was loco with 3500 st1, so I never told anyone what I paid for st2.


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I don't disagree with the logic, it's just crazy what Snap On costs...that long ago! How much NOW..... LOL
I do the same. I have most of my toys and cars for a year or two and usually sell them for close or the same price I bought because I buy good stuff, like new, for a good price, and keep it nice.
Haven't lost money on the last 4 cars I've owned. :) (not expensive cars)