Total up grades thus far.

Jar Head

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52volt 35 amp controller up from 25amp stock. KT controller with KT8LCD display. Throttle up grade .Unlock stock speed. Top speed 45mph throttle only . programmable peramitors.on my 750watt bufang geard rear hub motor.two 52 volt 20 amp/hr batteries connected on parallel. Batteries will be placed on rear rack. Cables to connect batterys to controller 10awg.the cables are 55"length so with 10 Gauge power drop off as well as heat should be with in operating temps. Mini heat syncs on hub and on side of hub.helps dispurse heat. Also mounted controller on front handel bar extender's with heat sync stock controller was inside frame and heated up quick on warm days.Now no more stoping every5to6miles to cool.last thing I could do rewire motor with 14or 12 guage cable Teflon coated instead of silicone thiner insulation allows for bigger wire. That's it so far parts electronic world.cable ordered from company that makes custom cables.will give web site if requested. That's all folks.👍😎