Townie Go 10d or 5i?


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Hi! I am currently trying to decide between the Townie Electra Go 10d and the 5i. As the 5i is a new model, I am having trouble finding reviews on it. I know that the only difference (besides the price) is that the 10d is a derailleur model with 10 speeds, and the 5i has an internal gear model (which is attractive to me because I have read how the are relatively maintenance free), but only has 5 gears. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you!


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Definitely check out good video reviews on YouTube and in this site. The video reviews were a lot more helpful than the bike store salesmen.

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The 10D will be better if you live in a hilly area.

It is incorrect to say the 5i's IGH is relatively maintenance free. It still uses a cable to shift, and the bike still has a chain; those two things need the same maintenance as the 10D. The only difference with the 5i is that the gears are inside the hub so that bit is shielded from dirt. Trek/Electra also uses the same frame between the two models, meaning they had to add a chain tensioner to the 5i, which can be damaged as easily as a derailleur if the bike gets knocked over.

What would have made the 5i more maintenance-free is if it had a Gates carbon belt instead of a chain.

Lastly, an IGH makes repairing a flat tire more difficult. Unlike a derailleur bike where the quick release is opened and the wheel comes out, with the IGH the gear cable must be disconnected and the axle nuts loosened (with a wrench). Have I mentioned that disconnecting and reconnecting the cable on Shimano IGH's is fiddly? Well, it is.
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I've been riding a nexus internal geared hub since 2014. My daily go to bike. FAR less fiddly than a derailleur, for me. Not a hill climber but can do a good job in rolling hills. No reason to have a derailleur on a city bike. But as always YMMV!


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Hi All, thanks so much for your helpful answers! I ended up choosing the 10d as I live in Appenzell, Switzerland where there are many hills to climb! Also, the 10d was a bit cheaper and they had it in the color I wanted 😜. Of course, soon after the 10d was sent out, the 5i became available again, and on sale!
I am sure that I will be happy with my choice, and I fortunately have a bike shop just down the road if I have any derailleur problems. Thanks again!