Training wheels or outrigger

Thomas Jaszewski

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Yeah I know, but I hate the position of the recumbents. It terrifies me looking up to see a drivers face. My number one riding rule. Look them in the eyes. The delta trikes will flip at low speed on a hard turn. SO.
I thought xtracycle leap and have been waiting a year to get reviews and still waiting. BUT I don't need that cargo ability, the only advantage was the outrigger on the first version.

I've been thinking folding bike. Blowing off my geometry sensibilities and have a light and easy bike to handle. Still the balance issue will limit riding.

ANOTHER BUT, I have 3 Smoothies, and a Trek that if I found a good outrigger or the truing type wheels available an't to huge and heavy....

I'll throw in the towel and ride even dorkier and slow IF I have to...yet there must be a solution. I'm just not finding it.

What have you seen? More boomers buying bikes that must have the same problems. Being a gimp sucks but there is a way. I just need to find it. So far the step through is the best solution, but now I need to solve balance. (broken hips mean you need someone else to wipe, she luvs me but the thought, just the thought disturbs me)

Maybe the Hinkley trike conversion is the best after reading the bad reviews of training wheel style.