Travel Case for Stromer ST2


I liked to take my ST2 with me on some out of state rides. Some will involve airplane flights.

Has anyone have a suggestion on a travel case that the ST2 would work. Can the battery be shipped on a flight.

Any idea on the cost to UPS or Fedex in a travel case

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Bob

Ravi Kempaiah

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Hi Bob,

Thule makes some sturdy travel cases like this one.

With an ST2, if you can remove the fenders ( at least the front), it would fit because the wheels size is only 26".

However, you may need a lot of padding because hub motors are heavy.

Transporting an ST2- battery via air can be prohibitively expensive. You can't take it as a carry-on and if you put it in check-in baggage, if the radar notices this, you may risk losing the battery.

The best option would be to take the bike and rent the battery. Stromer has relatively wide network of dealers and if you need help renting the battery, let me know.