Trek Domane+ gear ratios


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The Trek Domane+ has only a 20T single chainring up front. This seems incredibly small and maybe great for steep climbs, but seems like it would be result in spinning out on many flat or descent situations. But a salesman was telling me this isn’t so because the motor senses your effort and regulates the torque (or something like that). Is there any truth to this? Does this mean I have to have the motor on and waste battery to avoid spinning out on flats or descents?


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the Bosch mid drive is about a 2.5 to one ratio. it is a small gear but every crank rotation is 2.5 gear rotations. my bulls bike has the same drive and the same cassette and I have gotten upto about 26 with my pathetic energy level but I can see 28 no problem with a 80 to 90 cadence though maybe you need more I am not sure. but not a huge amount more. what I find with the drive if your not spinning and pushing more you get a bit of vibration. spinning al little faster takes care of that.
the motor helps it does not go without you peddling. you just choose how much help you want. the more the effort you are willing to put in the more range you will get. I use turbo always and I get about 24 miles with maybe 200 feet of climbing. but I try to to about 20 on flat sections. but I have also climbed about 1200 feet with 10 to 14 degree grades and have 17 miles left. anything over 14 degrees and you may have to stand. at least I do.